Saws & Drills

Saws & Drills

For those who are looking to hire a concrete saw or drill for your project, Perth Hire and Sales carries an extensive range of products that will work for your job.

Whether you’re working on a weekend project for your home or are a contractor in need of a large core drill stand, our friendly team will offer you their expertise and help you select the equipment you need, so that you can get to work.

You’ll be looking to hire a concrete saw or drill if:

  • You need to make cuts in a concrete wall for windows or doors
  • To drill a hole in walls or slabs for pipe fittings or wiring
  • To cut bricks, stone and other masonry materials

Before you rent equipment from Perth Hire and Sales, we’ll chat with you about your project so that we can help you select the right equipment and accessories. We can also provide you with a tutorial and manufacturer instruction, so that you leave confident and ready to get to work on your project with confidence.

All saw blades and core drills we hire will be fitted with the diamond tooling equipment you need for your project, and the first Xmm of wear are included for free.

Safety is also very important to us, which is why we have a selection of safety gear available, and all of our products fitted with dust shrouds. We also recommend the hire of a dust extractor with any rental to minimise dust control.