Perth Hire recognises the importance of safety and productivity while on the job

That is why we offer a wide range of dust extractor/vacuums available to hire alongside our concrete equipment rentals, for everyone from the DIYer to the professional concrete finisher.

The vacuums we have chosen for our fleet are top of the line and come in a range of sizes so that suit every type of job imaginable.

We highly recommend hiring a dust extractor for any concrete projects that you are undertaking, as any dust inhaled can cause serious health issues in the future.

They can also help in keeping your workspace clean as they’ll remove the dust and slurry that cover the floor.

Let the Perth Hire team know what kind of project you’ll need the dust extractor for and we will happily assist you in selecting one that will be optimal for the concrete work you are doing. We’ll also provide you with a tutorial and manufacturer instructions (if needed), so that you can leave our shop confident and ready to get to work.